"Scott and Matt managed my campaign for Albuquerque City Council in District 7.  I highly recommend their company, Bosque Strategies.  Both Scott and Matt have extensive experience in politics at every level  They know how to fundraise, network, and organize to get a message out.  While they have a wealth of knowledge they are willing to share, they also encourage a candidate to set the tone of the campaign and the content of the message.  In addition to their professionalism and political wisdom, they only work with candidates they truly believe in.  As such, they exhibit an unparalleled level of personal investment and loyalty to the candidates lucky enough to work with them.


For any person looking to enter politics for the first time, or any seasoned campaigner entering a new race, I can't recommend Bosque Strategies highly enough.  Work with them if you can.  Win or lose, you won't regret it." - Matt Biggs